Max Ganch
Max Ganch


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product and company concept
packaging ~ branding ~ animation ~ video ~ print

Working as a group in our 3rd year studio, we created and branded and hygiene company that did not rely on gendered marketing.



We started this project by looking at other brands that were attempting to do similar things in the world of hygiene and cosmetics. Brands like Hims and Billie worked within their own gendered market whereas we were trying to bridge that gap to create a line of products that could be used by all.

After making concept maps that explored different parts aspects of what we wanted to achieve in this project, we decided that the best way to brand to succeed was to focus solely on hygiene products first and expand into cosmetics and clothing down the line.

While our ideal goal is that it is a hygiene company for all and does not pander to a certain gender or age, we realized that the most affected group would be men between the ages of 18-30. This is because men are on the receiving end of stigma against using hygiene products due to factors like lack of knowledge on basic hygiene routines as well as toxic masculinity that claims like things like face masks are too feminine for men to use.


We decided on the name “Underline” for our brand because it was a word that did not sway too masculine or too feminine, was a common word with no weird spellings, and played to the idea that we were trying to highlight the disparity in how products are needlessly gendered.

After several rounds of ideation and hundreds of sketches later, decided on the use of two forward slashes as the primary symbol to be used in the packaging and labels.



Final Products

Our deliverables for this project was a video that told our concept and explained our touchpoint, as well as a booklet that laid our in detail our process, methods, iterations, etc.