Max Ganch
Max Ganch




While most of my work is in the digital realm, I do like to dabble in physical mediums and work with my hands from time to time. Here is just a small collection of some of my handcrafted projects.


Wine Stoppers

Made out of layered maple and purpleheart woods, crafted using a turning lathe.



Paper Wearable

Made entirely of paper and using no adhesives, we were assigned to create a wearable that plays with the elements of movement, light, and gravity



M/V light

A lighting fixture inspired by density that gives the environment a soft, ambient, and indirect glow. Made from layers of acrylic and plywood.



Cardboard Structure

A structure designed and built to create an auditory barrier between our desks and the environment. Constructed entirely out of found cardboard and no adhesives



You-trition Facts

A speed dating name tag concept that allows the user to reveal as little or as much about themselves with a semi-structured layout.