Max Ganch
Max Ganch
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John + Toms



CBD oil company
brand identity ~ package design

In collaboration with PARADIGM Innovation, I created a system of contemporary packaging and branding for a CBD oil company.



To kick-off the project, I created mood boards that showed 4 possible different brand directions. Our initial notes from the client was that they wanted their brand to be “honest, natural, knowledgeable, contemporary, personable, down-to-Earth, simple, and streamlined” and wanted packaging to reflect that. Looking at brands that sell similar products, we had to craft a way to make John + Tom’s stand out against their competitors.

After collaging some mood boards, I created a set of personas that would help us better understand our target market and their motivations as it related to the product and brand. We used these three personas as the basis for brand ideation.




With the personas made, I ideated both what the brand would look like as a whole as well as the physical packaging that they would sell their CBD tinctures in.

After rounds of ideation and client feedback, we knew that we were going to continue with a more bright and colorful palette as opposed to a muted earth tone one. With this in mind, we began to think about how we could reflect their brand language into a package worth buying.

More final boards-21.png

We began to hone in on the final direction that we decided upon, integrating what became known as the “lotus” leaves to give the packaging more of that natural and organic feeling that the client was looking for.


Final deliverables

product lineup copy.png

The final product lineup includes their 3 primary “flavors” that will be the first to be produced, with 2 different sized tinctures and 3 different concentrations of CBD oil. The products work both individually as well as a system with the color opacity telling how concentrated each bottle is.