Max Ganch
Max Ganch




My longest lasting hobby and passion of mine has been singing. For the past 11 years I have been in school, regional, and state choirs as well as a member of several a cappella groups. When I arrived at NC State, I had the honor of being chosen for Acappology, the premiere co-ed group on our campus. One year later I was elected president and have been in charge ever since. I have been able to merge my love for singing with my adoration for design by creating all of graphics and visuals for the group as a whole.

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My first task to help the overall public brand of Acappology was to update and modernize our website (shameless plug As the primary touchpoint between prospective performances and ourselves, it was important to have a website that was informative, functional, and visually appealing.



I was also responsible for designing the t-shirts that we wore at select performances. Instead of just slapping a logo on a new colored shirt each year, I wanted to make them specific to the members of that semester. In each design, a member could point to themselves, making it more unique and special to the group as a whole.


Snapchat Filters

For each concert, I designed a simple Snapchat filter that corresponded with the chosen theme so that the audience had something to add over the pictures they snapped of their friends during the performance.


Magazine Promotion

Using original photography and ideas, I reimagined each of our group members as a celebrities on the covers of magazines to promote our spring concert "Red Carpet Event".